New Student Registration


All applicants will receive a decision notification letter. Upon acceptance into the Practical Nursing Program, students are required to fulfill all registration requirements and provide official documentation. Incoming students will receive a scheduled Registration Day. The following is the list of registration requirements:

  • Submission of an official copy of final high school transcript of grades documenting high school graduation from recent high school graduates
  • Submission of official documentation of a recent up-to-date physical and required immunization records
  • Submission of Health Insurance Coverage
  • Submission of valid CPR/AED Certification(s) for the school enrollment period
  • Full Payment of the Tuition Deposit ($200.00) and Down Payment ($600.00) regardless of any financial assistance
  • Full Payment of All Final Tuition and Fees according to the signed “Enrollment Agreement.” Students who are eligible for financial assistance and have notified the Admissions and Financial Aid Office on the required deadline dates may qualify for a balance adjustment applied to the “Enrollment Agreement.”
  • Full Payment for Parking Fee
  • Positive final results from the Criminal Offenders Record Information (C.O.R.I.) check. The initial application report will be completed for submission on Registration Day.
  • If there are any additional requirements, incoming students will be formally notified prior to their Registration Day.

Letter of intent and an official transcript of grades for Advanced Placement or Transfer of Credits, if applicable

Physical and Health Requirements (Mandatory Standards)

  • Recent physical exam (within the past year)
  • For those born after January 1, 1957, serological (blood test) proof of measles, mumps and rubella immunity or documentation of a series of 2 MMRs. For those persons born before 1957, documentation of serological proof of immunity or of 1 MMR required. A report “history of disease” by healthcare provider is not acceptable, must submit proof of vaccine or titre.
  • Serological proof of immunity to Chicken Pox or 2 chicken pox vaccines. A reported “history of disease” by your healthcare provider is not acceptable, must submit proof of vaccine or titre.
  • Mantoux test (PPD) done within 3 months of entrance to the program. For foreign-born students with a positive PPD reading of greater than 10mm requires documentation of a follow-up chest x-ray report. For USA born students with a positive PPD reading of greater than 15mm requires documentation of a follow-up chest x-ray report. These recommendations are from the Massachusetts Department of Health.
  • Proof of Hepatitis B Immunity – series of 3 vaccines (should be started no later than July 21, with a second dose in August). Once the series is completed, post vaccination testing (anti-HBs) should be done 1-2 months after the last dose of hepatitis B vaccine. A titre of at least 10mIU/ml is required.
  • Tetanus-diphtheria immunization within the past ten (10) years

All mandatory health regulation documentation must be submitted no later than Registration Day, otherwise, student will not be allowed to attend classes.

CPR/AED Certification

All Practical Nursing students are required to have a valid certificate in CPR/AED during the school enrollment period from either The American Heart Association Healthcare Provider or American Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Certification. Courses may be offered at Blue Hills Regional Technical School or directly through the associations.


All students will be required to have a Criminal Offenders Record Information (C.O.R.I.) check done through Blue Hills Regional Technical School. The results of the C.O.R.I. check must meet the Board of Registration in Nursing “good moral character” requirement. See “Good Moral Character Licensure Requirement Information Sheet” by clicking here.

Students receiving C.O.R.I. check results documenting conduct and criminal convictions that will result in mandatory permanent exclusion from initial nurse licensure in Massachusetts (Table 1 – “Good Moral Character Licensure Requirement Information Sheet”) will not be accepted for clinical experience at affiliated health agencies.

Students so barred from clinical affiliation sites will not be able to meet clinical course objectives resulting in clinical failure and dismissal from the program and forfeiture of all tuition.